Film Analysis: Food Inc.

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Background The documentary “Food Inc.” was released in 2008. It was written and produces by an American filmmaker named Robert Kenner. Kenner has won several awards for this production. The film contains three major concepts. The first part observed is the companies’ production of a variety of meats in the world today. The second part is observing the production of grains and vegetables. The third part is observing the economy and the food industry overall. Nutrition Concepts I spotted three different nutrition concepts in this film. The first was eating organically. This was an important concept of the movie because we are shown where and how our food is manufactured in large industries such as Tyson, America’s number one meat packaging source. The film states that choosing organic will protect us from harmful substances added to our foods in the production process. According to the textbook, Organic is a form of food production and food’s that aren’t organic contain additives like hormones, which can be harmful to us. “Organic Production relies on farming…show more content…
This is an important concept because with today’s standards, companies don’t have to advertise the truth about their products. The lies that we aren’t being told about these products are most likely hidden in the nutrition label. If we take the time to read these labels, we know what the product contains and whether or not we should be consuming it or not. There are many additives in food products today that can cause health risks to us. According to the textbook, “Additives are used to limit food spoilage…” (Wardlaw, Smith and Collene) and then goes on to say “Without the use of some food additives, it would be impossible to produce massive quantities of foods and safely distribute them nationwide or worldwide, as is now done. “ (Wardlaw, Smith and Collene) Reading the label’s helps us know what is in the food we are
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