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Justin Han Mr. Lindsay English 9 12 January 2016 A Reflection of Honor A common definition that most heroes are in line with is that “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” (Reeve 1). Heroes only have to be ordinary people to be recognized as a “true hero”. However, they must be capable to experience tough challenges along the path of their heroism. The most common method of outlining a hero’s expedition is through the story structure called Hero’s Journey. The structure is created by Joseph Campbell, and it separates the events that a hero must endure on his or her quest. The Hero’s Journey often includes a departure,…show more content…
This step takes place during the departure of the hero’s quest or expedition. It is when a hero receives a guide to offer advice and assistance that he or she may use along their journey. In Mulan, Mulan’s ancestors accidentally send Mushu, a short tempered red dragon, to help Mulan after he destroys the Stone Dragon. Despite this “mistake”, Mushu gives support and advice to toughen Mulan in her training to become a Chinese soldier, including how to talk with men. When Mulan wakes up one morning, Mushu greets her and says, “Play nice, unless one of the other kids want to fight. Then you have to kick the other kid’s butt” (Mulan). With these events, Mulan clearly has some form of supernatural assistance to guide her along her journey to serve in her father’s position. Mulan, despite having a driven passion to fight in her father’s place, has no experience or knowledge of fighting in a war or working with a group of people her opposite gender. Therefore, Mushu is sent in order to give the vital and necessary information to… Because of this, Mushu, despite his short temperedness, is able to give Mulan wisdom and guidance to act like a man during her training. As a result, Mulan is affected in a positive way, as without the charismatic dragon, she would not have the motivation or help that impels her to progress with her brutal

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