Character Analysis: A Hero's Journey

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As Joseph Campbell once said, “A hero is someone who has given their life to something bigger than oneself” (Meyers 1). This consistent definition of a hero has been applied to many works of literature, drama, myth, and even everyday life. Campbell’s archetype of a hero has set the framework for a pattern of narrative that is the basis for almost every story ever told, the hero’s journey. For the hero’s journey through a scholar’s lens, the overall idea consists of 12 stages, with the main stages being narrowed down to 6: the hero’s normal life, where the hero is introduced in an ordinary scenario; call to adventure, where the hero is abruptly drawn from their normal life; crossing of the threshold, where the hero enters the special world of his/her adventure; the tests/allies/enemies portion, where the hero meets the people who…show more content…
Her call to adventure is when the matchmaker arranges a marriage between her and Huang Tyan-Yu, making her adventure one that she was thrown into. She gives up her happiness at this point for something that is more important, her family’s honor in society, influenced by the strong societal expectations placed on the children of her generation. Before the start of Lindo’s change in mindset after entering a hero’s journey, she remains steadfast to her ideal of retaining her family’s honor, saying “I was determined to honor my parents’ words, so Huang Tai-Tai could never accuse my mother of losing face. She would not win that from our family” (Tan 55). Lindo’s journey starts, or reaches the crossing of threshold stage, when she enters the home of Huang Tai-Tai, where she faces many hardships and criticisms. Her crossing into this stage of the journey is what triggered her hero’s journey in the first place, as placing her family’s honor over her own happiness left her feeling like something was lacking in her normal life. Next, her rebirth comes on her wedding day, where she becomes

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