Aeneid And Achilles Comparison

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An epic hero is a significant character depicted in the format of an epic poem. The Aeneid written by Virgil, is a Latin epic poem that articulates the famous story of Aeneas, a Trojan who embarks on a journey to the Italian peninsula in order to found the Roman Empire. The Iliad, one of two epic poems told by Homer, describes the tenth year of the Trojan War, following the Greek warrior Achilles and his crisis of identity. The characters Aeneas and Achilles are the archetypal heroes of ancient times. These heroes characteristics developed by their respective authors, Virgil and Homer, exemplify epic stories, and adventures. Though the two characters are vastly different, they still maintain the classic definition of an epic hero. The most…show more content…
The character Aeneas not only symbolizes the accomplishments of a dutiful man, but also of a strong leader. Although Virgil’s writing style was heavily influenced by Homer, Virgil provides his hero with dissimilar motivations. These motivations are what I think makes Aeneas clearly the superior hero. Virgil gave Aeneas a quest with an outcome that would affect countless generations of people after his journey was completed. Achilles was an egotistic and haughty man, who thirsted for blood on the battle field, while Aeneas battled only when his city was under siege, and was known for his incomparable sense of duty. While Achilles is known for his wrath, and passion, Aeneas is a man who satisfies his responsibilities to his people, and to the gods. This is demonstrated when he abandons Carthage and Dido due to being reminded of his loyalty to his quest to found the Roman Empire. “Get the fleet ready for sea, but quietly, and collect the men on shore. Lay in ship stores and gear.” (Lines 374-378 the Aeneid). Throughout the story, Aeneas demonstrates his strength by enduring many journeys at sea, war, love, and the death of people he cares for. He also validates his loyalty to the gods countless time during the epic poem, revealing himself to be a trusting man. Aeneas fits the definition of a hero perfectly, by maintaining the characteristics Roman, and Greek writers assembled, as well as the standards of heroes we value in present day. These are all valid reasons why Aeneas is the greater hero when compared to

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