How Did Hitchcock Influence The Movie Psycho

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Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, born on the 13 of August 1899 in Leytonstone, England 1. Known as the master of suspense, he made over 50 feature films in six decades. along with his television episodes, he created and appeared in2. Some of Hitchcock’s most famous films are psycho, north by northwest, vertigo. After making his early British films, he got big in Britain. By 1955 he moved and became a united states citizen 3. A film critic, John Russel Taylor, said about Hitchcock’s film making and storytelling that “the most universally recognizable person in the world" and “a straightforward middle-class Englishman who just happened to be an artistic genius4." Alfred Hitchcock went to St. Ignatius to study at the London County Council School of…show more content…
He was turned down from the military due to his obesity, but still signed up for cadets and would march with them. When Alfred was 15 when his father died and his mother was strict and abusive. These thing influenced him on his movie psycho by having an abusive mother and a dead father, so the main character says. Hitchcock got interested in photography and soon worked on title cards for films 8. Hitchcock first started out with silent films. And by his tenth film he went into the era of the sound films. He created many movies and died on the 29 of April 1980. His influence Alfred Hitchcock has had a big influence on movies, television, and society today. Alfred Hitchcock’s films have changed how people see, and even make movies. But his most famous and influential movie is psycho. Psycho is a thriller about a man who is insane. This movie was the first of the slasher movies. This influence movies such as scream, Halloween and many others. That was not all that it influenced “Before Psycho, you simply turned up at the picture house and watched the film from whichever point it was at. You stayed till you’d seen the beginning of the next screening, and then left. Hitchcock was the first director to demand absolute commitment to the

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