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The Hero’s Journey The Hero’s Journey model helps to understand myths much better because it summarizes in a more detailed way the most important things that happen in the history and makes the understanding easier because we can have a general and previous view of the main factors that appear in the myths to be able to choose what happens and to create an outline faster. According to narrative scholars the Hero's Journey is a forms of basic template for all great stories. Described at length in Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces, the hero's journey serves as the tale every culture tells. Romulus and Remus : One of the myths that we work in class is the one of Romulus and Remus. It was about the founding of Rome. It…show more content…
Also i chose miraculous conception and birth because a god is the one who leaves Numito's daughter pregnant is a god. I chose the ordinary world when they leave the forest. I also chose meeting with the mentor because when they meet with the farmer they get a name and know their origins. I put the threshold to the special world when they arrive in the city where their father reigned. finally place the family or community retreat to meditate and prepare because when they are removed from their mother and father for them to manage to grow up safe.Then in the Initiation i put woman as temptress because Romulus and Remus mother she tempted the god that left her pregnant. finally I chose death because the children of Numitor were ascertained by Amulius. I finally chose the ascension, the apotheosis and the atonement. because when Romulus and Remus arrived, his father ascended to the…show more content…
Dido was the beautiful daughter of King Mutin, But when her father died the kingdom was in the hands of her and her brother Pygmalio. Dido was married to Akabas, who was a rich and powerful man, for this pygmalio was afraid to be replaced because people preferred Akabas, so Pygmalio sen to kill him.when Dido found out her brother killed her husband, she decided to found a new land away from her brother with the people who followed her. When they arriving at the new land Dido made a deal with the natives, she promised to have the land that could be covered by a piece of buil skin. Then very astute dido asked to cut the skin in very small pieces,but she also was going to pay the natives, then the city was named carthage, which was growing little by little until it became a great and powerful city. Until Iabas, the leader of the natives proposed marriage to dido for unite the towns, but dido not accept the proposal of Irbas, so to avoid a War she decide to burned herself to protect its people. Mind Map Dido :

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