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Stage 5: Crossing the Threshold For the first time, the hero steps foot in the new, different word. At this point in the story, the plot arises and the adventure begins. Once the hero begins this journey there is no way he can go back and quit now (Vogler). After Pacha and Kuzco shake on the deal, they start heading toward the palace. They both decide to tackle on this challenge together. Finally walking out of their forest, they see bridge, with the palace seen in the distance. Pacha trips and almost falls, but gets caught in the ropes of a bridge. Instead of returning the favor and helping him out, Kuzco admits he lied about changing his mind, and just needed Pacha to show him the way; He leaves Pacha stuck in the ropes and walks again. A second later, he too falls and gets caught in the ropes (The Emperor’s). After a verbal and physical fight, they fall even deeper and are about to drop into a river, but get stuck in a back to back position. Despite their fight, they still decide to work together to get themselves out. Pacha almost falls again, except this time the llama does in fact step in and save his life.…show more content…
The purpose of the journey isn’t revealed yet, the hero must face his fears (Vogler). Pacha and Kuzco go back to the little village on hill so Pacha can go home and get some supplies. Turns out Yzma and Kronk are there. Kuzco and Pacha sneak around the house, telling his wife the whole story and how she needs to stall so he can escape with the llama. They start running away, but eventually Yzma and Kronk see their trail and begin chasing them. During frantic hunt for the llama, the evil duo seem to have gotten lost after while trying to cross a cliff. Pacha and Kuzco continue their way up the mountains toward the palace. They finally make it and crash into Yzma’s laboratory, where they see all her weird chemistry sets to create her

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