Similarities Between Sudan And America

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Do you know how different another country can be from yours? Do you know the similarities? Sudan is one of these countries. One of the similarities it has with America is the branches of government and human rights. The branches of government are what the Sudan and American governments are made of. The human rights are the rights and safety of their people. One of the differences between these two countries is the rights of women voting. All of these things make up of what the Sudanese government and what our government is all about. They build our future and make a big impact in our lives. The branches of government help lead both of our countries into the right path. The branches of government for both Sudan, and America are the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch. (Management, Republic of Sudan) Compared to each other, the branches of government are similar and yet different. The Legislative Branch makes…show more content…
One of the biggest steps women have taken was the right to vote. Women in Sudan were allowed to vote on November, 1964. (Woman suffrage and beyond) Women in America were allowed to vote on August 18, 1920. (19th Amendment) Women in America were probably allowed to vote earlier than women in Sudan for many reasons but the biggest reason was that more Women in America were part of many clubs and groups to raise public awareness for women's rights than Women in Sudan. Many of the Sudanese women were not part of groups like the state Elections High Committees to give awareness about their own freedom. (Status of electoral process in Sudan) The state Elections High Committees are to get more women in Sudan to have the opportunity to get voter registration and polling process. (Status of electoral process in Sudan) Today, women have many more rights and freedoms and they can definitely vote. They have fought for many of their rights and stuck with what they believed

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