ASDA Swot Analysis Essay

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ASDA is privately owned ASDA provide goods and services which customers require in their daily life. ASDA started selling online for the first time in 1998. Now ASDA is almost expended all over the UK. It increases its audience as in this way ASDA will be able to sell their products all over the UK and Ireland. Mostly online e-commerce sell their products worldwide, such as eBay, however this case online trading will allow ASDA to cover customers nationally. Another advantage of online shopping is that ASDA’s would be able to target disabled customers who can't access brick stores or those who don't have time to visit the local supermarket. This also helps ASDA's increase their customers as the customers’ needs are being met. On other hand ASDA's has to be competitive as its competing with other companies from around the world. Furthermore, ASDA also have to advertise on the internet to ensure that customers know that the company sells online.…show more content…
ASDA would have to buy a very big store to hang all products on the walls. In comparison, eBay and Amazon don't need to hire lots of workers as the website automatically deals with customers itself. However ASDA ‘brick’ store needs to hang all goods on walls to make sure every customer can have access to it. Therefore there is already an advantage for ASDA as they don't need spend thousands to start trading online. Furthermore, there are some data handling and security issues as there is a high risk of getting the system data destroyed by hackers and viruses. This could raise ASDA's cost as they will need to buy security software to get rid of viruses and protect their network. An IT professional would be required to keep website maintaining and running. So these all increase ASDA running cost which is a disadvantage of

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