Theme Of Transformation In Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel

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When the stories you read in books are real, society would have to adapt to this new world, or they would not be able to survive. In the novel “Ysabel” by Guy Gavriel Kay, everyone goes through a metamorphosis, they all adapted to survive the new world. When Melanie is transformed, everyone also has to transform, or else they cannot be survive. Ned’s mother has also suffered through a metamorphosis, without her changes they would stand no chance against the new world. Everyone around Melanie changed, even Ned himself has changed. Everyone is struggling through changes, adapting to the situation, because they all realize if they do not change themself they would have no chance of surviving. Ned’s mother and his aunt have avoided each other…show more content…
Fine” Meghan turned to her sister. “I’m too old, I guess, for a certain kind of fight. I’m not very good with changes, though. Too old for that too.” (Kay, pg. 292) Lee 2 Ned’s mother is usually very stubborn, and the fact that she gave in, shows that it is not an ordinary situation. She had to change, and realize that if she does not accept this new situation, then she will not be able to help anyone, or help find Melanie. Everyone needed her help, and she wants to help, except she cannot help them, without changing herself first. Against the weight of centuries – against druids and skulls and wolves, rituals of blood, fire, and men who could grow horns from their heads like a forest god or fly – she was trying to bring order and clarity to bear. (Kay, pg. 329) Ned’s mother is proving to be very helpful in this situation. She is still currently suffering through the changes. She spent decades angry at her own sister for this and now she has to hear it again. Without Ned’s mother it would be chaotic and they would not have been able to do anything. Ned’s mother has adapted to the situation the fastest even when she does not cope well with changes. If she did not change they would not have been able to get any closer to finding Melanie. They would have not been able to survive if Ned’s mother had not changed. Ned’s mother is struggled the hardest though a change even through she was the fastest to adapt. She spent decades ignoring her sister and this supernatural…show more content…
If he had not become stronger and braver he would have called Greg and gone back to the villa. If he had called Greg he would have missed his chance and never got Melanie back, resulting in the death of his friend. His change resulted in successfully bringing Melanie back, and he would not have been able to have the strength to climb up that mountain even when he is in extreme pain. Ned shows that he has become more responsible, braver, and stronger. He shows that he is no longer a child. Ever since he was introduced to the new world he has become more and more grown up. If he had not changed then things would not have turned out like it would

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