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Hercules In the tales of heroes from the Greek mythology, none is as popular as the story of Hercules; a mighty hero, both human and god whose strength and might was revered all over the Mediterranean as a result of his feat of completing the twelve labors. Tales of Hercules and his twelve labors have been portrayed in various forms of arts such as books of literature, sculptures paintings and movies as well as plays. The knowledge of his fame and the impact of his myth are quite fascinating. However, one cannot begin to understand unless he or she asks the right questions. Being told about the twelve labors without knowing about Hercules would not make sense much. So, who was Hercules? Being that he was a Greek hero, the actual version of…show more content…
Among his numerous adventures, it is said that he journeyed to the Greek Underworld together with the Argonauts in a quest to procure the Golden Fleece (Gill n.p). Although he is known to have journeyed to the underworld on several occasions, those adventures were not even part of his 12 labors. In numerical order from first to last, the 12 labors of Hercules featured the Nemean Lion; Lernean Hydra; Cerynitian Hind; Erymanthian Boar; Stables of Augeas; Stymphalian Birds; Cretan Bulls; Mares of Diomedes; Cattle of Geryon; Apples of Hesperides; and Hound of Hades (Gill…show more content…
Hercules did not do the labors to show or prove his strength; neither did he do them just because he could. His burden of the twelve labors all stems back to his godly stepmother. Hera struck another blow in her everlasting attempts to destroy Hercules by driving him mad. In that delusional state, Hercules murdered his family. In remorse, Hercules set out to seek purification for his sins (The Real Journey of "Hercules"). Going to King Thespius was not enough he hence sought counsel from the Pythain priestess who sent him to serve King Eurystheus for a period of 12 years. Hence, it was during these years of service that he was required to perform 10 tasks set upon him by the king in order to expiate his criminal offenses. It was also during this time that his name was changed by the priestess from Alcides to Hercules (Gill

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