What Are Hercules Heroic Deeds

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Hercules sometimes called Herakles, is one of the most prominent figures in ancient Greek mythology. The things that he is remembered for is his background, his heroic deeds, and his strong protagonist role. Hercules persevered through many tests that he endured through to gain his immortality. Hercules was born from Zeus and Alcmene. Because Zeus had a child with another woman beside her, Hera grew angry and despised the child. When Hercules was young Hera sent Serpents to kill him. However, Hercules killed the two snakes saving his life. Hera continued to plague and curse Hercules throughout the rest of his mortal life. Later in his life Hercules was put under a spell by Hera that caused him to rampage, resulting in the death of his wife…show more content…
(Perseustufts.edu.) Hercules was originally supposed to complete 10 deeds at first, but completed twelve because two did not count. Hercules performed these deeds in order: “exterminating the invulnerable Nemean Lion, slaying the Hydra, capturing a rampaging boar, cleaning King Augeas’ vast stables, driving off annoying birds near “Stymphalos”, stopping a bull from rampaging in Crete, capturing the four man eating horses of Diomedes, Obtaining Hippolyte’s special belt, stealing cattle from the titan Geryon, Swiping Hera’s gift of golden apples, and abducting Cerberus the guardian of the underworld”. (Perseustufts.edu.) Hercules performed more than enough deeds but Eurytheus claimed slaying the Hydra and cleaning the Augean stables didn’t count. The Hydra didn’t count because “Hercules gained aid from his nephew Iolaus”. (Perseustufts.edu.) Cleaning the stables was invalidated because Hercules asked for a “reward in return for cleaning the stables”. (Perseustufts.edu.) Hercules used mainly his incredible strength and his wits to complete all of these tasks. After all these tasks were completed Hercules finally got his wish for immortality. Being granted Immortality Hercules did not stop having adventures. “He helped save countless women in trouble, battle other immortals such as Apollo”, and he fought alongside the gods when they clashed with the giants.

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