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What would the automobile industry be like today if Henry Ford’s influence had not been present during the 1900s? He always had a distinct ardor for all things machines, at the young age of 16, Ford actually went against his father’s wishes and left his family farm to become an apprentice in a machine shop located in Detroit where the birth of his inspiration occurred. Later on at the age of 19, he started working a part-time job at the Westinghouse Engine Company, where he furthered his knowledge of machines. Henry Ford used his passion for machines to come up with brilliant ideas and concepts that sparked change all over the world. The American Dream was markedly impacted by Ford’s creation of the Model T. One of his main priorities during…show more content…
Henry Ford was always ready to find new methods and ideas to help improve the Ford Motor Company. “He was willing to play around with new ideas, to listen to others, to mess around imaginatively” (Frost). Ford wanted to improve his cars in any way he could so he was always willing to try new and creative things to better his models. Satisfying his customers was one of his key priorities when he was working in the automobile industry. Not only did Ford affect the production aspect of his business, but he was also the first person to raise the minimum wage of his workers. “One of Ford’s most astonishing moves, to combat high turnover and absenteeism caused by assembly line monotony, was to double the minimum daily wage to $5 and cut daily working hours from nine to eight” (Davis). He valued his workers deeply since they were the ones who essentially made his business possible in the first place. Other companies were not very keen on the idea of paying their workers more money for less hours, but eventually many other companies caught on and they started paying their workers more money for their services. Even companies outside of automotive industry were intrigued by Ford’s…show more content…
He successfully found a way to decrease the price of automobiles which actually ended up greatly affecting certain aspects of the American Dream. The work place was drastically being changed by his decision to pay his workers more money for less working hours. Along the way he unintentionally changed other industries while trying to improve the ways of his company, he technically even influenced the outcome of World War II in the process. Ford did a lot to change not only America, but the entire world with his undying passion for machinery and his determination to make cars an immense part of everyone’s

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