Helen Keller Accomplishments

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I like to think of the Deaf community is a big mixing pot of different contributions from many different parts the world. Many people throughout history have committed their lives to produce the community itself. One woman that history would describe as “astounding” would have to be Helen Adams Keller, the infamous deaf-blind legend. She wasn’t always Deaf, or blind for that matter. Her deafness came just as her blindness, suddenly and without notice. From her birth, June 27th in the year of 1880, to her early life could be described as a struggle for her according to the editors of www.biography.com. To imagine being surrounded by people whom you couldn’t understand, and vice versa, would be beyond isolating and just plain frustrating. With…show more content…
One story I found on Helen Keller was rather interesting and humorous. As told by her great-grandniece, “Helen Keller had a wonderful sense of humor. I remember, as a young girl, hearing my grandmother tell a story about Helen Keller when she visited President Dwight Eisenhower at the White House. When Helen was visiting someone for the first time, she would often ask to feel that person's face so that she could get an idea of what the person might look like. She asked permission to touch President Eisenhower's face, and of course, she was granted permission. As her fingers glided gently over his head, Helen whispered in a soft voice, ‘Not much hair there.’ Next, her fingers felt his forehead, his eyebrows, and his eyes. Everything seemed to be going nicely until Helen Keller touched the tip of the President's nose. Nobody had bothered to tell her that the President was very ticklish on his nose, so as she felt the tip of it, the President starting laughing

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