Creon Tragic Hero

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Greek tragedy is meant to teach the audience through a tragic hero. These heroes are noble and can be admired by the audience, but have flaws that we can relate to and will learn from after their downfall. In Sophocles’ Antigone, Eteocles takes the throne of Thebes, and his brother, Polyneices, raises an army against him. Creon becomes king after they are both killed in battle and declares that Polyneices will not be given a proper burial for betraying Thebes. Knowing that she will be killed for breaking Creon’s law, Antigone buries her brother. Creon’s son, Haemon, who is engaged to Antigone, commits suicide after finding her dead, and his mother then kills herself for her son. Creon is the tragic hero of this play because he is noble but…show more content…
Before Creon realizes the error of his ways, his actions cause his wife, Eurydice, and his son, Haemon, to commit suicide. After he finds out that Eurydice is dead, Creon says, “Oh, Death, pitiless receiver! Kill me? Will you kill me? Your mercy dwindles does it? Must you bring me words That crush me utterly.” (Sophocles 249) Creon is experiencing peripeteia due to his tragic flaws. His decisions have led himself to tragedy and he has been punished for being stubborn and arrogant. Before he can experience anagnorisis and have the audience learn from his mistakes, Creon suffers because of his decisions. Although Antigone also experiences peripeteia, her fate was obvious from the beginning of the play. While telling Ismene that she plans to bury Polyneices, she says, “I go to bury him. How beautiful to die in such pursuit” (Sophocles 194) Antigone knew when she buried her brother that she was defying the king, and the result of her actions could be expected by the audience. Creon was blind to his stubbornness and pride, which intensifies his downfall and catharsis. The audience can sympathize with Creon after his decisions lead to the death of his family, which later enhances the lesson of the

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