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Alice is sitting at a fancy mahogany desk in her sixty-floor skyscraper office, savoring a cup of coffee by using a Hermes China cup. The bitter cocoa fragrance is percolating in the air. The journalist who hustles into her office looks at her with an envious eyesight. Alice has seen this kind of eyesight from an enormous number of people mainly because she has gotten the position of CEO in her early thirties. Alice is sure great numbers of people that believe she was born rich, just like the thoughtless journalist who is interviewing her right now. “Which private school did you go to?” the journalist asks. Alice sighs gently and thinks “What kind of stupid journalist don’t do any background research before the interview?” Alice points out the large…show more content…
In one English class, she asked me to introduce and summarize Three Days To See. Of course, I hadn’t seen a single page of the book. I had to quickly made up a story one by myself.” “Did she buy it?” the journalist asks. “Of course not. She studied English literature in university.” Alice looks at the journalist unbelievably, he is as dumb as a donkey. After that Alice turns into an extreme serious tone, “I strongly believed that my words would make her blood boil, just like my former English teachers. But she didn’t furious. She watched me gently, a nice smile continuously appeared on her face. Her eyes were as bright as crystal, I hadn’t seen any disgust in them.” Alice pauses, she lost herself deeply in the past memory. “Then? ” the journalist says one word, which wakes Alice up. “ “Suddenly, I felt a sense of guilty of my bad behavior. And then my teacher said, ‘Honey, I strongly recommend that you should read Three Days to See. I can see something in you. I believe that you will be able to fight with your own fate, just like Helen Keller.’ ” “That’s it?” the journalist not quite believes

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