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Could you imagine not being able to hear or see anything since you were just an infant? Helen Keller was diagnosed with a disease that affected her brain and stomach when she was only 19 months old. Imagine being deaf and blind for most of your life. Sullivan took Helen to Boston and the Perkins School for the blind. Which publicized Helen. Boston newspapers reported her achievements as she learned not only to read Braille. She again made a major publicity impact when she went to New York and improved greatly on her speaking ability. Even though Helen Keller was blind and deaf she made the best of it and was a good influence on women. Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27th, 1880. When she was 19 months old she suffered from congestion in her stomach and brain (probably scarlet fever) it left…show more content…
She dedicated the rest of her life to the promotion of social reforms aimed at improving the education and treatment of the blind, the deaf, the mute, and in effect all handicapped individuals. She was the recipient of countless Humanitarian awards and certifications, Keller is credited with promoting the organization of many state commissions for the blind. She also put her best efforts into ending the practice of putting the deaf and the blind in mental asylums. In addition, she was a pioneer in informing the public to prevent blindness of the newborn. Her articles in the Kansas City Star and Ladies’ home Journal were among the very first public discussions of venereal disease and its relationship to newborn blindness. Helen Keller not only carried her campaign in America to improve the condition of the handicapped be she did throughout the world also. Completing several extensive tours in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa. Helen Keller is universally recognized as one of the many humanitarians of the

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