Linda Sue Park's A Long Walk To Water

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Sudan, Africa in 1985 was in the midst of a twenty (20) year civil war. The war was led by the Central Government, which was dominated by radical northern Islamists. The northern islamist were responsible for at least the death of two million people, including southern Christians, Sudanese people of the Dinka and Nuer tribes. During the civil war villages were destroyed, families were killed and many kids became refugees or orphans. In Linda Sue Park’s book A Long Walk to Water, Salva is daydreaming; looking out of the schoolhouse window after completing his work for the day. He was looking forward to the daily chores back at home. The boys usually herded cattle; depending on their age determined how many cows were left under their care Salva’s day dreaming is interrupted by the presence of a military faction destroying their school and village. Salva along with the other kids are sent scurrying into the bushes for safety by their teachers (5). Salva is now an orphan and forced to leave his village to escape death, or be forced to serve the same military regime that is burning his village. Salva faced with no other options must turn his back on his village and find safety with the other refugees. This journey begins in regions filled with predatory animals that prey on the weak, (31) but we learn leads him to America several years later after he is adopted by a new family from Rochester, NY.…show more content…
The hope he had to find his family became fleeting as years in the desert passed but the new family would provide the basic necessities that he sorely needed, necessities such as food, clothing and

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