Helen Keller Impact On Adversity

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Every individual comes across difficulty numerous times on a daily basis; however, it takes severe hardship to influence their character. The roman poet Horace claimed “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” Helen Keller was a deaf, dumb and blind lady. The multitude of conflicts she encountered in her lifetime influenced her personality and who she is today. Three out of seven of her senses were either taken away from her at an early age or not given to her at all. She had many challenges the world threw at her such as learning how to communicate with others and expressing her emotions. Along with that, she had to be very patient with herself and others through the process.…show more content…
The impact the misconduct has on the victims is tremendous. Physical and emotional distress are just few of the consequences they face. Post traumatic stress disorder is a mental illness that those who are severely scarred from the situation encounter; therefore, creating more hardships for them to face even after the actual incidents. These hardships are bound to influence the character of the rape and abuse victims. There are two paths that they can travel: 1. Using the experience to grow as an individual 2. Not moving past the situation and constantly mourning over the experience. Although mourning the loss is not necessarily a negative path, those who do not move past this stage tend to lose themselves and tend to develop characteristics of severe depression. For example, a victim of domestic abuse can either continue to take the hardships and reserve themselves or they can take matters into their own hands and use the rage to empower himself/herself. The character of the victim is based heavily on the way they view life. Perception of the situation varies, but they can either learn from the experience or attempt to move past it. Their characters tend to develop when the rape and abuse victims try to move forward after the adversity they

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