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The Miracle Worker In the production of The Miracle Worker, many challenges were faced to accurately portray the role of Helen Keller. To first understand the character the actress had to do a bit of background research on her role of Helen Keller, as does any actor/actress for any role. As you begin to research Helen Keller it does not take long to figure out the misfortunate events that occurred in her life. Helen was diagnosed both blind and deaf as a baby. Having to be the actress to portray Helen, as you can assume, would be an overwhelming job. How can the actress recreate Helen’s persona? She must express herself through the struggles that Helen had to undergo throughout her life. In this production the audience is introduced to Helen…show more content…
They decided to seek out educator for Helen, and found just what they needed for Helen at Perkins Institution for the Blind (the first school for the blind developed in the United States) in Boston, Massachusetts. They spoke to a doctor and he assured them that he would send them his finest pupil right away. Miss Anne, the future miracle worker, grew up in the institution and was an extraordinary pupil of Perkins Institution, although she had a little bit of a challenge convincing Mr. and Mrs. Keller of that. They were still a little unconvinced of her capability to teach because of her young age. Whenever Miss Anne began to teach Helen she was only twenty years old. However it doesn’t take Miss Anne long, through her opinionated and somewhat demanding attitude, to convince them that she is the best possible teacher for Helen and her future education. She convinces them to the point where they allow her to take her daughter away for two weeks with no interaction with her, granted that it was still on the Keller homestead. Anne had two weeks with Helen in a little farmhouse right beside the Keller’s home. You begin to feel even more sorry for Helen because it seems to her that…show more content…
This is how Mrs. Keller had hope in her child; she knew that she had the capability of being very intelligent, she just didn’t know how to teach her these things because she had no sense of communication with Helen, or so she thought. Sign Language is how Helen, and the actress, overcomes the challenge of communication. After Helen understood her first word she quickly caught on to new words such as teacher, mother, and father. After Helen realizes that she has a form of communication now she realizes what Miss Anne had been doing all along. This made Helen develop a new sense of appreciation for her teacher. She admired and loved her teacher for taking the time to teach her what no one else would or could which I think made for the biggest challenge for the actress. How does one go from a deep hatred of the person to showing an overwhelming compassion for the same individual? Ms. Finney connects to this energy of hatred turning into pure love in such a way that is unbelievable, which makes for a real tearjerker. As Helen realizes that she can comprehend language she has made a life long friend with her teacher, a true miracle worker. Simmons

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