The Miracle Worker Movie And Movie Essay

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Have you ever heard of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan? The story of Helen Keller's life was made into a play and a movie that were both very good. Helen Keller is a young girl that became blind and deaf when she was just a few months old and had trouble with her early life. She was able to start communicating with others around her with the help of sign language from her teacher ,and friend Anne Sullivan. There was a lot of struggles through the process for Anne Sullivan to teach Helen Keller but she was able to teach her manners, respect, and to communicate by symbols. Anne Sullivan was partly blind herself but she had surgery on her eyes so she was able to see but had to wear sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun and other bright lights. In the movie and play, “The Miracle Worker”, there are several differences between the play and movie that happened. The first difference that happened between the movie and play is the start of them are different. In the movie it started with Helen being at home and she was already deaf and blind. In the play it started out with Helen being in the hospital as a baby and became blind while being in the hospital. This difference that happened is…show more content…
During breakfast in the play the conversation was about the Civil War and talking about the generals Grant and Lee which leads into a big disagreement over them. In the movie James and Captain Keller talk about how the tobacco crops are growing over at the fields and talking about how James is doing working over there. The big difference that happened during the conversation is that they didn’t get into a huge argument over the tobacco fields but over the Civil War they got into a big argument. This also was a big difference because the Civil War and tobacco fields are not very close to the same conversation which was a big difference in the change of

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