Essay On Food Habits

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The Objective of the survey: 1. To explore the food habits of the MHRD students in Thailand. 2. To examine the challenges faces by the students in food. 3. To suggests the solution. Research Methodology: Simple questionnaire including qualitative and quantitative questions. Research Sample: International students of MHRD program (14 participants) Result from testing the questionnaire: This is a brief result of the small sample survey that conducted to test the food habits and challenges faces by the international students of the MHRD program of the Mahidol University. The questionnaire survey includes both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to collect data. The sample is only 14 international student from different regions…show more content…
Though rice and vegetables are most common menu but other items like meat, salad, fish etc. are also their preferred menu. Different cuisines such as Thai, continental, vegetarian and Muslim food is their food preferences. Students are conscious about their health and takes lunch timely. Next, the analysis examines the accessibility of the food in lunch time. As the students used to visit different canteens of the university at lunch time which shows the availability of canteens in the university campus. Similarly, student costs only BHT 30 to BHT 40 for lunch which is cheap. Additionally, most of the student agrees the university canteens are cheap and convenient for them. Accordingly, food is easily affordable and accessible to the students during lunch time. Then the analysis examines the challenges student faces in food. The spicy and sugary food gives stomach problem to many students. Furthermore, most of the case the food menu is written in Thai which international students find difficult to understand. However, some students finds test of food similar to home. Comparatively the Asian students find less problem than the students from the western countries. Furthermore, Muslim student faces challenges in finding available halal food and vegetarian student faces challenges in affording expensive
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