How Did Gloria Steinem Impact On Women's Rights

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“In 1964, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act made employment discrimination on the basis of race, religion, and national origin illegal,” (Ching). As the Senate Judiciary had a hearing in May of 1970, having over 60 witnesses testifying before the committee. Eventually, “Congress passed [ERA] in 1972 and submitted it to the states for ratification” (Ayer). By the dead line of 1984, set by Congress, the ERA was three states short of ratification. Now, the Women`s Right Movement was about women getting equality, “Men and Women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction “(Weber). NOW was one of many groups/organization during this time. They fought against gender discrimination in the workplace,…show more content…
Throughout the 1960s Steinem participated in the civil rights, anti-war, and farm workers movement. She was born on March 25, 1924, in Toledo, Ohio. 1951 Steinem got the opportunity to leave Toledo and move out to Washington D.C. She was able to finish high school then after she enrolled herself in at Smith College in Massachusetts, and studied political science. Steinem developed and interest in writing the mid-1950s and began her “re-birth” in her interest of activism while she was in India. In 1958 she moved to NY and addition to adding herself as a freelance writer, she dedicated most of her time to activism. She was pretty much involved in all the movement during this time. “Her involvement in the Pro-ERA campaign illustrates how Steinem helped to generate so much attention to women`s concern and to show the future path of American feminism”…show more content…
For example, “That women are biologically inferior to men. In fact an equally good case can be made for reverse. Women live longer than men, even when the men are not subject to business pressures. Women survived Nazi concentration camps better, keep cooler heads in emergencies currently studied by disaster researchers, are protected against heart attacks by their females sex hormones, and are so much more durable at every stage of life that nature must conceive 20 to 50 percent more male in order to keep some balance going,” (Steinem). The purpose of this passage was to just lay out the fact that women can handle situations in any form just like men. The tone of this passage is serious and informative because of logical scientific based. The response of the audience is interested because these are fact people most likely never knew about so it shows women are equal to men and can do anything they can do, also because she shows no emotions in this speech. Also, “Gunnar Myrdal noted 3o years ago, the parallel between women and Negros in this country. Both suffered from such restricting social myths as: smaller brains passive natures, inability to govern themselves (and certainly not white men), sex objects only, childlike nature, special skills, and the like. When evaluating a general statement about women, it

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