Children And Children Advertising Should Be Banned At Children

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Advertising is an unavoidable reality of our lives in this modern world. Most teenagers and adults have an understanding of the persuasive intent of advertising while children may not have the same level of understanding. Advertisers use many different techniques to make their products appealing, but all advertisements should be looked at critically because advertisements are meant to make the viewer purchase a product, not inform the viewer. Advertising aimed at children is unfair, certain advertisements may affect children’s health, and while limiting advertisements aimed at children may seem like a restriction on freedom of speech it is in the best interest of children; therefore, advertisements aimed at children should be regulated strictly by law. Advertising aimed at children is unfair since children do not always understand the purpose of advertisements. Most advertisements are persuasive and use different techniques to make the viewer want the product, but younger children cannot understand the intent of the advertisers and therefore cannot judge the advertisements and the products properly. In Children and television advertising: When do they understand persuasive intent? by Mark Blades, Barrie Gunter, and Caroline Oates they discovered that most young children do not…show more content…
Food advertisements aimed at children may be related to obesity. Even though some believe that restricting advertising aimed at children is against freedom of speech- it is beneficial to children and companies can target to adults instead. The law should strictly limit what advertisements are shown to young children, the restrictions can be lessened for older children. Some action that can be taken is to limit what times advertising is shown on television, and not allowing advertising before, during, and after children’s

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