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The purpose of this speech is to persuade a group of foreign investors to invest money into health care provider companies in the United States. Thesis: The changes implemented from the Obama health care reform will increase revenue projections for health care providers. This increase will secure a rate of return for their investment. I. Introduction According to a September 2010 edition of the Wall Street Journal, America had 51.5 million people that did not have health care. Up from 32 million when Obama Health Care Reform was drafted in March 2010. As we fast forward to January 2015, the number of uninsured people decreased by 12.4 million, while the population increased by 9.7 million people Preview of main points Facts around population…show more content…
Estimated population in the United States in 2010 = 310,537,757 (Population Clock) 2. Percentage of uninsured December 31, 2010 = 16.6% (Gallup) 3. Number of uninsured as of December 2010 = 51,549,267 Statistics as of 2015 – Post Obama Care Reform Bill: 4. Estimated population in the United States as of January 2015 = 320,255,655 (Population Clock) 5. Percentage of uninsured = 12.2% 6. Number of uninsured as of March 2015 = 39,071,189 Projected US Government Investment 7. Estimated costs for the Obama health care bill = $938 billion dollars over 10 years. 8. Obama's health care bill would increase America's daily spend by $256,986,301. B. Key points found in the Obama health care reform bill. 1. Requires that most American's have health coverage. 2. Subsidized private coverage for low and middle income families and regulate insurance companies closely. 3. It will ban insurance companies from exercising their ability to deny care for existing conditions. C. Calculated costs 1. By increasing the current operating spend of $4.17 billion by $257 million per day and multiplying by 356 days in a calendar year it would equal $1.5

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