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Health Information Introduction Reliable and sound information on health issues becomes the foundation of an informed decision-making across the entire health system building blocks. Moreover, this health information is essential for the health system policy development and implementation, regulation and governance, human resource development, health research, service delivery and financing, health education and training. Health information refers to the data that is related to an individual’s medical history, and includes symptoms, procedures, diagnosis, and outcomes. The health information records entail patient histories, x-rays, clinical information, lab results and notes. The health information of a person can be viewed individually in…show more content…
The HIM experts have adequate training in the latest information management technology applications and have a clear understanding of the workflow in any health care provider organization ranging from large hospital systems to the private physician practice. These professional ensure that the patient health information and records are accurate, complete and protected. The importance of health information The documentation of health information has created a platform to ensure that such information notes are in the right hands. Parallel to the process of health treatment, the patient decides on who can be with his/her health information notes. Together with the consent to health treatment, a patient is obliged to state who should be acquainted with the health data. For the legal purpose, an operator and the patient sign a document in form of a written consent which too forms an integral part of health records (Fox, 2011). The process of health care service dissemination and evaluation is majorly facilitated with the available health information. A health review team considers various aspects of the dissemination and usefulness of the health information, and how the information is evaluated in terms of accessibility, accuracy, readability, reach and…show more content…
Health information is one significant method of undertaking communication between the treatment team members (Buntin, Burke, Hoaglin & Blumenthal, 2011). For instance, in a case where a patient is taken to a hospital for operation, his/her information could be shared between the referring local general practitioner, pharmacists, treating specialists, pathologists, diagnostic service technicians, and anesthetists. The use and disclosure of such information are reasonable under the criteria of primary or directly related secondary purpose, since the patient would reasonably expect the facility to disclose or use the information for the secondary use. The health information of a patient helps in facilitating a quick emergency disclosure in a scenario of crisis. The health information of a patient may be given without specific patient consent in a case where the request for the health information of a patient should be dealt with immediately effect to provide emergency patient

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