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Abstract: The paper discusses reviewed literature on the aspects important for classroom Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). A variety of classroom conditions exist in school buildings which are detrimental to health of children and adolescents which may result in poor performance in their academic endeavors. Several researches on school environments claims that poor IAQ in schools can trigger health effects that directly impair concentration or memory – e.g., neurological effects – or cause other health effects that indirectly affect learning – e.g., poor concentration, dizziness etc. IAQ factors such as relative humidity, ventilation rates, CO2, CO and PM 2.5 concentrations, affect health and well being of its occupants. The most documented IAQ risk factors were PM 2.5 and CO. Analysis of research highlighted the degraded IAQ in schools which was often outside the recommended ranges in school buildings. 1. Introduction: The research studies conducted worldwide, reviewed in this paper, indicate that there is a large untapped potential to enhance student health and performance by improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of classroom. It is evident that children and adolescents spend a considerable amount of time indoors, i.e., about 90%, either in school buildings or at home. Therefore, most exposure to air pollutants occurs inside homes and school. Within a school also,…show more content…
Methods used in Research Studies: Infants and younger children grow at a rapid pace and have a higher resting metabolic rate. Their rate of oxygen consumption per unit body weight is also more than adults as they have a larger surface area per unit body weight. Hence, effect of any air pollutant would be greater on them. In addition to an increased need for oxygen relative to their size, children have narrower airways than do adults. Thus, irritation caused by air pollution that would produce only a slight response in an adult can result in potentially significant obstruction in the airways of a young

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