Paperless Office Case Study

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction This research study will suggest the modification of the current strategy in handling documents of the Primary Health Care Corporation, Engineering Department. Electronic data management would be the best option. This research study proposes that Engineering Department of Primary Health Care Corporation should move toward to a “Paperless office.” In a corporate environment adapting to Paperless is the process of eliminating the usage of paper. This is a process which all the paper documents have been converted into soft copy. Having a high percentage of paper reduction in an organization is really unattainable. There will be vital ways we need to apply such as enough time in order to come up to a paper reduction program plan. The process of going paperless office can improve productivity of the employees, saves time, saves a lot of money, saves workspace, makes an eco-friendly environment, makes it accessible for documentation and information sharing, protects and secures more personal information. The concept can also be extended as another form of communication outside the office. Documents form a vital part of our everyday activities. We use documents in both paper and digital forms, with each form having its own strengths and weaknesses. Paper documents are easy to produce,…show more content…
This study argues that information is more valuable when it is converted from traditional to electronic forms. Electronic documents can save organizations much money, time and effort by reducing the cost and associated incidental expense including storage space purchase or lease and upkeep, employee wages and time spent managing and processing paper

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