Health Care Reform Essay

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The cost of medical coverage is always a problematic phenomenon that happens in United States, in Scott E. Harrington’s article U.S. Health- Care Reforms: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, states the reformation on health insurance and how would the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) help to subsidize the coverage expansion. Many people in United States suffer through the cost of health insurance in decades, but there still no specific answers provided by the government. PPACA was design to reduce down the cost of health insurance and improve access of healthcare and was signed by President Obama in the year of 2010. As stating, there is no doubt Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act helps many Americans to access easier and more benefit ways of lowering cost of health insurance; however, for many other people who still cannot afford healthcare, PPACA still may not the answer to healthcare issue in the…show more content…
Since the purpose of PPACA was to reduce the cost of healthcare and lower the premiums for those who need to support, PPACA should not only focus on the benefits and the accessibility of healthcare systems. As one of the requirements or polices that has been stated through PPACA- all citizens need to have health insurance or they will have fine for penalty. Some low-income citizens cannot afford neither regular health insurance nor Obamacare (PPACA). Which means that when people cannot approach to neither of these health insurances, they have huge possibility to get enormous fine from the government. Thus PPACA should not only concerning on the provision such as costs or financing of coverage expansion, insurance market reforms, but also help people to have easier ways to approach their wanted health

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