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- Space: The lounge looked like the last time I observed. The arrangement of desks, tables, and sofas remained with a long L shaped high desk matched with 14 desk chairs, 13 small tables (two chairs for each), a medium table with four chairs, a large table with 10 chairs, seven sofas. - Sound: There were some different kinds of noise in the lounge. The music was low and hard to listen to the lyric. At first, I could not recognize a specific song from the music box. The lounge was full of low tones of different dialogues and sometimes the sound of the coffee machine in the ordering area. The combination of different kinds of noise reduce my capacity of noise specification. When I became familiar with the noise here, I started realizing some…show more content…
However, there was no specific smells in the lounge [maybe because all the drinks had lids so it was hard to smell coffee or others?]. - Number of people and movement: The lounge was very busy. Most spots were full. The self-service station with milk, sugar and others was busy with a lot of customers passing by to add milk and sugar to their drinks. Many customers bought drinks from the ordering area, passed by the self-service station and then left. Differently from the two last observations, many other customers bought drinks and sat down in the lounge with friends to study and talk. Despite some movement to come in and out of the lounge, the number of people there did not change much. • 10.55 am: Three old men stopped at the self-service station to add milk into their coffee after paying at the bar. They looked professional with neat shirts, tie and golden watches. They talked to each other and left soon. In the lounge, there were 33 people. Out of 33 people, there were only an African American and a Asian students, 10 males vs. 23 females. Six people sat in the high desk area, four of them were studying with their laptop opened while two were chatting. In the small tables, there were three couples sitting together and a table of three…show more content…
A big proportion of laptop used there was Macbook. All of used cellphones were smartphones. - Some specific individuals and groups: Most people in the lounge focused on their work, especially studying and did not communicate much. Some specific caught my attention for their communication among their friends, groups, or for other details. • In high desk area: Most of them were studying and looked very focused. They worked with their laptops and their books and notes. On their screen, I could see the word or pdf files. Some of them used headphones [to focus easier on their work?]. All sat alone focusing on their studying except for two girls sitting next to each other. They seemed like friends and they spent time chatting together. While talking, they saw something on sale in clearance area right in front of them. A girl came to buy something and came back with two bags. She bought a big tote for her and something for her friends. She looked very excited and told her friend: “I am so happy.” They seemed close. The girl in the nursing uniform who sat next to one of those girls sometimes looked at them [maybe because they talked and laughed that distract the nursing

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