Persuasive Essay On Health Care Reform

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Issues involving health care in America are the cause for copious amounts of disputation. Specifically, in the field of hormone replacement and sex charge surgery; very few insurances cover them. Hormone replacement and sex change operations for trans people should be covered by insurance. Psychotherapy, hormone therapy, breast augmentation or removal, hysterectomy, and a plethora of other treatments are often covered for cosmetic reason, but are frequently denied if related to sexual transition. This is completely unconstitutional, because they refuse to care to a group of people based on who they are, turning the cold shoulder. It’s almost violating the eighth amendment, against cruel and unusual punishment. Cisgender people only want to bring up Gender Dysphoria when they want, not when it matters. Decisions for transition related surgeries are made by the physician on the basis of medical necessity, similar to other doctors or hospital services under Medicare. While this is the norm for the doctor to make the decisions, the doctor may have prejudices against that person because they have Gender Dysphoria. This is why trans people need protection and…show more content…
In fact, not treating Gender Dysphoria can actually be quite a strain on the health care system. Delaying treatment or totally denying aid can and will cause collateral damage, such as stress related illness, depression, and even substance abuse. Not only that, but Gender Dysphoria is so rare that the change would not cost anything extra at all. For example, in 2001 San Francisco became the first U.S. city to provide insurance coverage for Gender Dysphoria related care. After four years, the charge that employees had been paying to cover their costs was so inconsequential, the policy change was reduced to zero. In those years, the city only paid for a measly eleven transition related

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