Hope In Frances Goodrich's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Without hope, one would succumb to the pain, fear or horror that one may be dealing with, such as dealing with a loss of freedom or a war or rebellion. Struggling to maintain the concept of hope is a universal issue. In the play The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, Anne Frank is a 13-year-old Jewish girl during the Holocaust who lives in unease of being captured but manages to still go on with high hopes. While Anne hides in the Annex with her family and four other people: Mrs. Van Daan, Mr. Van Daan, Peter, Mr. Dussel. Throughout parts of the play,Peter provides Anne with hope that one day the occupants will make it out alive and nothing can stop them. The hope they hang onto, gives them something to live for. Above all, hope is a blessing because it brings temporary relief and makes pain more bearable, it also provides one with the power to do the unthinkable. Without hope and faith everything that happens is without feeling, hope gives you something to live for and something to help you succeed. After being through all the pain the German Nazi’s had caused Anne and Jews in general, she still believes in the good things, “‘In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart’” (778). Anne’s hope for making it out alive gives…show more content…
Another person whose faith is as inspiring as Anne’s is Malala. Malala is a Pakistani girl who fights for the right of education for all beings on Earth. Despite all of the pain she had to endure to make sure children have a right to education, “Her courage gave hope to others.” (“Malala the Powerful”). Without something to fight for, Malala and Anne Frank would have done things differently. If they had done things differently, the outcome would be more miserable, all the greatest things are done when things seem impossible. To conclude, hope powers the mind to do challenging and rewarding

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