Genghis Khan's Defense Witness Statement: Mongol Women

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Heba Zakaria Defense Witness Statement: Mongol Woman Compared to other civilizations, we had the power to influence society. Although men are naturally the head of the household in our society, many turn to women (wives) for advice. While developing organizations within the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan asked for assistance from his mother. He honors the advice women in his life offered (wives). Genghis Khan allows his wives to sit with him and encourages them to speak out and to voice their opinions that every woman was entitled to under his rule. Because of their help, Genghis was able to choose his successor. While men are warriors, women are the ones to keep the economy going and hold some of the highest positions in our shamanistic religion. A famous queen, Mandhuhai, is a capable warrior with a keen radical mind. She fought and won many battles while also maintaining a family and bearing 8 children to keep her family name going while also fighting battles and wars.…show more content…
The women devote their lives to their daily tasks, which include physical work outside the household. Women worked by loading the yurts, herding and milking all the livestock, and making felt for the yurt. Along with these chores, we are expected to cook and sew for our husband, our children, and our elders. This is a common task among all women that came to live in any civilization not just the Mongols. A wife's devotion to her husband continued after his death. Before the rule of Genghis Khan in the Mongol Empire, remarriages did not occur often. Instead, her youngest son or her youngest brother took care of her. However Genghis Khan gave us another freedom among the many freedoms he has given us: allowing us to get remarried if we were ever to become

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