Hard To Success Research Paper

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Success originated from the Mid-16th century from Latin successus, which comes from the verb succedere which means ‘come close after.’ Professional athletes practice and practice for their spots on their professional sport teams. Employees prepare themselves to be promoted and move up in their company. Students study hard to succeed in their studies which enables them to move up in their education. Success depends on preparation because being successful requires a plan which is illustrated by sport teams, work force and education. Firstly, professional athletes just didn’t wake up one day and say, “I want to play on a professional sport team and their wish was granted the next day.” All professional athletes trained for their spot on their team. Being a professional athlete requires preparation, determination, and motivation to succeed in their career. For example, Derek Jeter a retired major league baseball player on the New York Yankees, started his career as a professional athlete at the age of 21 years old. He was motivated to succeed and that is what he did. Practice makes perfect, and one can’t succeed without practice. Derek Jeter practiced and practiced to improve…show more content…
Without preparation and hard work, it is nearly impossible to move up in the work force. For example, I got my first part time job at the age of 16 years old at Panera Bread. I started as a cahier and got trained in different positions such as dining, barista, and line cook. When I was first trained on barista and line, the first few weeks were stressful because it was challenging to remember all of the ingredients that goes into each food and drink on the menu. I made index cards with the ingredients and within a month I knew every ingredient in each food item. Within a year and a half I was promoted to be an associate trainer; it is my job to train the new hires in different
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