Liberal And Conservative Political Views: Article Analysis

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Hannah Wuerthner Writing Assignment 2 9/25/15 When reading the two articles, Effects of schema priming on liberal-conservative political positions and Threats cause liberals to think like conservatives I was critically thinking and evaluating the content of both articles. The two articles covered the political topic of liberals and conservatives. The political views of liberals and conservatives are manipulated in both articles and then observed. The participants in both articles are between age 19 and 23 and are college students. The two articles are comparing the political views of liberals and conservative participants and how their views are affected by different situations that the researchers have tested within both of their experiments.…show more content…
The research included 3 separate studies using psychology students. In study 1, the participants read a newspaper article discussing a scenario in which a white color criminal who was guilty would not be charged, which was looking at specifically an injustice threat. The participants answered questions regarding their demographics and political views and then were given 2 studies which included ‘‘the relationship between political attitudes, demographic variables, and judgments of a legal case” (the Enron case), the other with ‘‘Foreign students’ perceptions of America and the reactions of American students to these perceptions” (Nail, McGregor, Drinkwater, Steele & Thompson 2008). The results of Study 1 concluded by using a psychological measure of the participant’s liberalism, that the threats and in-group favoritism caused liberals to lean more on the conservative side. Study 2 looked at capital punishment and abortion and was studied using a mortality salience. Study 2 results concluded that threat caused psychological liberals to lean more towards being a psychologically conservative which was similar to the results found in Study 1. Study 3 looked at anti gay beliefs, which is known to be associated as a conservative belief. The participants were given an article to read discussing benefits for gay people in the work force followed by yes or no questions. Again this studied resulted in psychological liberals leaning more towards the conservative side after a threat. All 3 studies support the hypothesis in this research; liberals tend to lean towards having more conservative views when faced with a

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