The Importance Of Rock Weathering

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Rock weathering is fundamental geological process which determines the composition of the soils and sediment cover and thus it is having a huge impact on the human life. Soil is the base of the life as it provides food and it is important storage of water. The weathering of rocks is affected by different parameters like climate, parent material, time, structure of rock, porosity, topography, vegetation and drainage. The type and extent of weathering in an area determines the chemistry of the soil which is formed and the dissolved load which is being carried by the rivers to the sea. Climate affects the degree of weathering and at the same time weathering affects the…show more content…
With the degree of weathering, there is a different pathway with which the mineralogy of a rock changes to that of a complex soil. The removal or enrichment of each element will be different under different physico- chemical conditions that in turn are also governed by climate that controls the vegetation cover. The weathering profiles developed on some gneissic and charnockitic rocks are studied to determine the changes in chemical, mineralogical and physical parameters during the process of chemical weathering. The objectives of the study is to understand the behavior of elements to understand its pathways during weathering of rocks and to elucidate the influence of lithology, structure and climate on the above; to estimate the porosity development and density difference up the weathering profile and to compare its relationship with the elemental mobility and the secondary mineral formations. The results so far obtained on the bulk mineralogy of the samples analysed by the XRD on the samples from the bottom to top of the profile shows the diminishing trend of the primary minerals with the

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