Short Story Endings: To Build A Fire By Jack London

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Short Story Endings Introduction: Imagine an interesting story you have read without a useful or good ending? How many times have you read good books or stories and you were disappointed of the ending? Or you would say it could be better if it ended in another way? The ending of any short story is very important and should give the final impression of what the reader have read. It could be happy or sad. Whatever the ending is, happy or sad, it should be right and suitable for the story. All stories must end with a resolution which solve the conflict and can end in various ways. There are two kinds of story ending. One kind of story ending is the close ending in which the writer gives an ending to the story. Another kind is the close ending…show more content…
This short story narrates the story of a man who while on his journey to join his companions at the camp gets stuck in the Arctic wilderness with his dog. All was fine during his journey except for the exceeding cold weather. While on his way, he gets his feet wet and the climax starts when he failed to build a fire and realized that there is no way out. He finally accepts his fate and sleeps peacefully. This final action or resolving action is when the man freezes to death. The cold weather and nature were against him. Even the tree he build the fire under, betrayed him. Snow fell off the tree and putting the fire off. (AOU Course book, The Short Story & Essay Writing, p. 27-28) Finally, any short story should be organized and follow a particular structure. It should include five elements: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. The last step of any short story is the resolution, which is the step where all conflicts or problems in a story are resolved. It is very essential not to skip this last step or element. It should not leave any vague answers and should answer all questions in the story. It must also be logical in a way to fit the sequence of events of the story and resolve the central

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