Juicy Juice Ad Analysis

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Compare and Contrast For many years, ads have been everywhere everyone goes. To get people’s attention today, ads use bold titles, famous people, and lots of bright colors. Ads are a huge part in society nowadays. They draw in people to buy their product and some do not draw people in honestly. Ads make people weak and desperate so they will go buy the product they see. The ads that are being examined in this paper are Juicy Juice and Minute Maid. Juicy Juice is more persuasive to Minute Maid because it catches people’s attention with the bold colors all throughout the ad and the happiness of the little girl. Juicy Juice ad used bright colors like green, yellow, pink, red, and blue because those colors will jump out to people.…show more content…
At the top of the ad, it says, “the happy comes straight from the fruit.” This statement reminds me of a quote from William Lutz’s article. The quote says, “Every word in an ad is there for a reason; no word is wasted.” (Lutz 69). Juicy Juice made it clear with their statement that was said a few sentences ago. No word is wasted and every word is important in this magazine ad. When parents are looking at the words of this ad, they will want to go out and buy Juicy Juice because they will want their children to be happy with their fruity…show more content…
They used hashtags in their ad. Their “#doingood” is a reminder to tell parents that they are doing an excellent job when they are either parenting or giving their children this juice. (Minute Maid). The wording on the bottom of the page explains that. The font that they used in this ad is not unique and does not catch people’s attention. They did add their website at the bottom of the ad so people can go and tell a parent they are “#doingood,” which will uplift parents. (Minute Maid). In addition, Minute Maid’s focus was also their words. At the bottom of the Minute Maid ad, it says, “Whether it’s families or juice, when you Put Good In, you Get Good Out. Tell a parent they are #doingood. Go to minutemaid.com to learn how.” (Minute Maid). This is what Minute Maid’s magazine ad is all about. Minute Maid wants to remind everyone to do good and then they will get a good outcome. Minute Maid also wants to remind people to tell parents that they are doing good too. Seeing this Minute Maid ad will not only have people want to do good, but people will want to buy this

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