Handicraft Industry Analysis

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Detailed Analysis Indian craft industry valued at INR 43000 crore is largely fragmented and unorganized. This portal will help the craftsmen in gaining their due recognition and would give their product a global platform. The uniqueness of this portal lies in the fact that it gives an online presence to all those artisans who are not tech savvy and in turn would give them a global exposure. India is one of the important supplier of handicrafts in the world. About 60% of the craft goods produced are exported and only 40 % are consumed in the domestic market. Currently, handicraft industry is highly labor intensive and is spread across the rural and urban areas giving employment to over 12 million artisans. The exports of handicraft industry…show more content…
Some of the major centres Uttar Pradesh are Saharanpur for its wooden articles, Ferozabad for glass and Moradabad for brass. The state of Rajasthan has to offer famous Jaipuri quilts, printed textiles and wrought iron furniture. Kutch in Gujrat offers embroidered articles and Narsapur in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its Lace goods. The list presented is only a small part of the diverse range and the variety and richness of the product goes on. The market size though not that huge but still provides ample opportunities for growth in future if provided with an institutional support. The return on the articles is large in international markets but still the condition of artisans remains poor due to the presence of middleman. By connecting the artisans directly to the market it will help them get a reasonable return for the products and would help improve their economic…show more content…
Retail Customers are our one of our main customers who will order and purchase the products listed on the portal. b) Art Galleries: Art galleries will be another set of major customers since they display and sell art work on a regular basis. Our portal will provide them with easy access and information pertaining to artisans and craftsmen across the country. c) Retailers: Usually are another set of major buyers who usually are able to sell only those products which are available in the vicinity of their location and their sale is limited to only one particular area (where they are located).Our portal will mitigate both of these restrictions and widen their product base as well as their customer base. d) Artisans: Artisans will set up their products and works on display on our portal. Since we are offering them our service, connecting them with customers across the country, we have classified them as our customers and they will be our potential customers for our proposed future quality improvement/technology enhancement education

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