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How To Protect Your Dogs In Case of Disasters No matter how much we try to avoid danger, it is impossible to be free from any form of calamity or disaster. But this doesn’t mean that we just let things happen without having to do anything. After all, we all want to stay healthy and alive for a long time. Sometimes the best way to eliminate possible dangers is by being prepared. This is the reason why the government spreads out information on what to do in case of disasters or calamities. Indeed, such calamities may not be prevented, however, having the proper knowledge on how to handle such situations can save your life and your family. We may have become more focused on the safety of our family, but have you prepared an emergency planning that includes the safety of your own pets? Our dogs do not merely provide us protection from possible entry of ruthless people. There have been…show more content…
Don’t be trapped with any type of disaster without including how to secure your pet dogs. Here are some ways on how we can save our furry little buddies should any type of disaster arise. 1. Instinctively, we go through our important things to save – documents, money, pieces of jewelry and all other things which our hands can grab at that instant. Some pet owners, due to panic may have forgotten that they have a pet to also worry about. Therefore, never leave your dog behind should you decide the situation require you to leave the house. Having a pre-planned course of action can help reduce the risk of your pet being left alone in your home. 2. Most American pet owners are working. Therefore, their pets are left at home. It may be possible that there is no one else at home most of the time which is why it may be of great help if you find someone who lives nearby to ask them to rescue your pet should any kind of disaster happen. Provide a rescue alert sticker on your front door to alert authorities that there is a pet inside the

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