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Poised with the task to find a question to answer, the group went to work. The group’s main focus was to identify a topic that is relatable and interesting to everyone. As a group, everyone dove into the brainstorming process lead by the initial question , "anyone has any ideas". Within the group discussion, topics that centered around politics and economy arose. The group began to think of areas of focus, find problems within that area, and come up with the title for the project. Since the ideas of fact, value, and policy were discussed earlier in the class, David suggested first that politics was a possible topic for the assignment. The other members agreed that what David had said was plausible and the discussion continued. Rekik suggested…show more content…
As a whole, the group came to an agreement and thought that immigration would be a controversial topic, making it a more difficult topic to work with. Going to a more global scale, Adedra introduced the topic of poverty. Similarly, despite being on a more global scale, the group thought that this topic would be another controversial and difficult topic. Coming back to a topic that is very notable in the United States, Araminta suggested that taxes could be another possible topic. Although this topic was not initially prioritized, it was then revisited later. The group discussion continued with police brutality, another topic raised by Naveen. However, like immigration and poverty, it was yet another topic that was popular in terms of being controversial. This topic was intensely controversial because on many occasions, cases are not clear whether it is the police’s fault or the criminally suspected citizen’s fault in which they compelled the police to use force. The group members continued to work on finding the right topic for the project and all continued taking chances to say what they have in mind. Then, Naveen, shifted the group’s attention towards gun control. Though it was a good topic, it was not chosen as number one due to the

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