Employee Relations Case Study

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At the beginning of the class the groups can be asked to share the major issues in the case study. During this the groups should be encouraged to present all the possible issues of employee relations at the workplace for example: significance of employee relations, disciplinary enquiry, grievance and its settlement along with the counseling, its role and execution at the workplace. After it, there can be classroom discussion about various aspects of industrial/ employee relations and the students are to be encouraged to find out through brainstorming whether all the aspects of employee relations and well implemented in the given case study. Then the discussion can also cover up the significance of employee relations and the consequences of…show more content…
Assignment Questions: 1. What are various issues involved in the case study? 2. What are the different aspects of employee relations? Whether all the aspects of employee relations are suitable applied in the case study? If no which one is not well implemented support your answer? 3. Comment on the implementation of the disciplinary enquiry in the given case study? 4. Grievance settlement is one of the integral aspects of the organizations; discuss the implementation of the grievance settlement in the given case along with the appropriate course of action. 5. What is the role of counseling at the workplace? Discuss in detail about the steps taken for counseling in the given case? Solutions Question 1: What are various issues involved in the case study? Answer: There are various issues of employee relations involved in the case study such as, Discipline, code of discipline, Disciplinary enquiry, grievance settlement procedure and workplace…show more content…
Maintenance of industrial peace and avoidance of industrial strife: To maintain peace at the workplace, the organizations should work on preventing dispute, settling the disputes. For preventing the disputes various initiatives can be taken such as implementing discipline at the workplace, sensitize the employees about the follow the code of conduct and can only be maintained in the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes 3. Development of industrial democracy: For developing sense of democracy among the employee’s at the workplace they should be given with the rights to participate in decision making. For the said purpose there are various means such as Employee’s participation in management schemes including work committee (As per The Industrial Disputes Act 1947), joint management Councils, shop, plant and unit councils etc. To answer the question the students in group must brainstorm and find out that in the given case study which aspect is well applicable the gaps in the execution of rest if any? Though in the given case the promotion and development of healthy employee - management relations requires to be maintained and the efforts have been put in by the concerned authorities to maintain peace at the workplace and avoidance of any further industrial

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