Segwer People In Kenya Case Study

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KENYAN STATE SPONSORED VIOLENCE AGAINST ITS PEOPLE. A CASE OF THE SENGWER PEOPLE IN ELGEYO MARAKWET COUNTY IN KENYA. Research question The proposed study will seek to answer the following questions How can the government tackle environment conservation without violent evictions of the Sengwer people? How can the Sengwer people be partners in the conservation of the forest? What are the positive Sengwer religious-cultural beliefs and practices that promote environment conservation? Literature review The Sengwer indigenous people are an ethnic minority who are traditionally hunter-gatherer/forest people, whose ancestral lands are located in the Rift Valley province in western Kenya, in and around the forests of the Cherang’any Hills. There has been ongoing conflict, violence and abuse of human rights that the Sengwer people have been subjected since the colonial period and the current Kenya government (World Bank report 2009).The government…show more content…
Miller (1991) suggests that researcher needs to select only few items from the universe for his study purposes, based on a representative sample that is often better than one based on a larger sample or on the whole population for there is no need interviewing large number of people saying the same thing. The sample size hence should be optimal basing on the researchers discretion Karma, (1999).That fulfills the requirements of efficiency, representativeness, reliability and flexibility. My choice for the sample size is being influenced by specific population parameters of interest and the heterogeneous or homogeneous nature of the sample population. In the event whereby the sample population will be homogeneous, focus group discussion will be employed since it will be suitable to collect information from the participants as a result of their

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