BICS Activity 3: Manipulating An Image In Photoshop

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BICS Activity 3 Manipulating an Image in Photoshop Description. One student reads the step by step written directions to enlarge an image of a person using the computer software Photoshop. The other student listens to the directions and executes the directions on the computer as each step is read. Once the first student has completed the assignment on the computer, the students switch roles. Students are developing their listening skills as the listen and follow the directions. ELD Standard. Grade 9-10, Section 2, Part I, A, Expanding, 1. “Exchanging information/ideas - Contribute to class, group, and partner discussions, sustaining conversations on a variety of age and grade-appropriate academic topics by following turn-taking rules, asking and answering relevant, on-topic questions, affirming others, providing additional,…show more content…
Students are engage in social conversation with their table group of peers, while working on their project. Students offer and receive feedback from their peers while discussing their projects. Discussions about the students’ interests, culture, family, current events and other topics are discussed while students work. Students are interested in sharing personal information feel comfortable speaking in small groups. ELD Standard. Grade 9-10, Section 2, Part I, A, Expanding, 4. “Adapting language choices - Adjust language choices according to the context (e.g., classroom, community), purpose (e.g., to persuade, to provide arguments or counterarguments), task, and audience (e.g., peers, teachers, guest lecturer)” (CDE, 2015, p. 124). BICS Activity 5 Real Life Connection Description. While circulating and checking on the students’ progress, this is a good opportunity to connect with students in small groups. Students are asked, “In what ways would you be able to use measurement tools now or later?” This opens the discussion and connects the lesson of reading a ruler, to some real life

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