Green Wood Resources Case Study

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Introduction Green Wood Resources, Inc. a United States based company which offers specialized services in the management and development of high yielding and fast growing tree plantations was faced with two options for its Chinese investment plans as a part of its marketing seeking initiatives. Yet, despite the motivation to counteract its home market’s scale limitations, the company have adopted an approach that put its sustainable business criteria ahead of its financial profit, which is reflected by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification the company have that often lead to higher operating costs in an industry where a premium price is not common. The choice between Luxi and Dongji Project hold varied economic, social and environmental values for the company and this paper will assess the…show more content…
The data is borrowed from Green Wood’s investment feasibility reports. Additionally, the results shown possess several assumption of which are the constant selling price and expenses as well as the total selling of stumpage volume. Furthermore, arguably, the calculations provided by the paper shows the short term net profit of both projects, and Luxi project will eventually end up more profitable in the long run. Furthermore the presence of Russia in Dongji possess competitive threat, however, Dongji’s close proximity to Russia may also presents itself as a stepping stone towards exporting. Thus, this paper proposes to moderate the ratings of economic value of Dongji project into 4. Chapter 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction to Strategic

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