Importance Of Wood Flooring

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INTRODUCTION The construction industry has a vast number of different projects to execute in different professions, this including roads, buildings, water reticulation, etc. For every building or construction to be constructed and completed within given specifications, given time frame, expected quality with risks mitigated, it requires a budget. The initial step to construct begins with the Client who will be having money to build. The client comes without the knowledge of what entails building the required structure, but the idea. The first step the client takes will be to appoint a project manager who will be given the right of appointing the project team. The project manager will appoint the team according to the required skills and knowledge…show more content…
Wood floors can be refinished several times, offer warmth, character, and rich, natural beauty that complements any style and increase a home’s resale value. There are limitless choices in species, colors and patterns to choose. In addition, engineered wood flooring as made a huge impact on the marketplace due to its low cost and ease of installation. A quick comparison between carpeting and hardwood floors shows that carpeting lasts between seven and ten years while hardwood floors easily last 30 or more years. During a 30-year period carpeting needs to be installed four or five times. At that rate, hardwood flooring actually costs significantly less than the cumulative cost of all the carpeting…show more content…
Timber frame buildings are now being designed to meet low energy construction standards as timber has a high standard of thermal comfort while consuming minimal non-renewable energy. Timber buildings respond more quickly to temperature changes compared to heavy masonry buildings and additional insulation materials can be placed in spaces between framing members without increasing wall, ceiling, roof or floor thickness. Timber also maximizes the efficiency of insulation materials because the wood never gets cold or dissipates heat, therefore less energy is required to maintain warmth in a building. Timber building materials create low waste on site and have low volatile chemical emissions during their manufacture. (Institute of Foresters of Australia, PO Box 7002, Yarralumla, ACT, 2600, Australia. (Policy

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