Hiroshima Nagasaki Speech

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Hiroshima-Nagasaki: Have we learnt a lesson? August 6th, 1945…… A day that changed the dynamic of the entire world! The bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki was not just fatal! It was catastrophic!!! That’s to say the least! World War II was underway. On 6th August 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The explosion wiped out not less than 90 percent of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people; tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure. Three days later, a second B-29 dropped another A-bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 people (this is just an estimate). Japan’s Emperor Hirohito announced his country’s unconditional surrender in World War…show more content…
Proportionately that is about 19.17% of the Earth. Of this 19.17% about 4.66% are creating these weapons which sum up to 15,700 warheads!! Another 2.59% host such weapons. If the fury of even a mere 10% of these weapons were to be unleashed, there in would lay the demise of “Mother Earth”. That brings me back to the topic – Hiroshima-Nagasaki: Have we learnt a lesson? Looking at the destruction that was caused by a measly pair of nuclear warheads, can we even begin to imagine the devastation that the release of 10-15 warheads could do? Let alone fifteen thousand seven hundred!! The repercussion of these bombs is felt even today when children are born with nervous disorders, are mentally challenged or physically disabled. Have we learnt a lesson?? If the UN was established with one of its aims being nuclear disarmament, why has it not achieved its goal? Mainly because America has the greatest authority? America itself plays host to 7,200 warheads! All of which are controlled by one man! The President of America may just get up one fine day and decide to obliterate the world. Oh it is possible! We will not even see it coming and entire nations may be wiped out within seconds! No one deserves that kind of
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