Solid State Fermentation Process

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ABSTRACT Agricultural residues are rich in bioactive compounds. These residues can be used as a source of raw material in researches and industries for the production of different products like biogas, biofuel, mushroom and tempeh etc. The use of wastes as raw materials can help to reduce the production cost. The waste of various fruits industries are used for production of various enzymes and antioxidants. A variety of microorganisms are used for the production of valuable products through solid state fermentation processes (SSF). Therefore, solid state fermentation and their effect on the formation of value added product are reviewed and discussed. KEY WORDS: Agro-industrial wastes; oil cakes; solid state fermentation; bioactive compounds;…show more content…
(30) Food preparation by fermentation is one of the oldest methods. (31-33) The low water volume in SSF has also a large impact on the economy of the process mainly due to smaller fermenter-size, reduced downstream processing, reduced stirring and lower sterilization costs. (34-37) Several important factors must be considered for the development of a successful bioprocess under SSF conditions. Some of the most important include the selection of a suitable microorganism strain and the solid support to be used (Fig. 2). Fermented foods constitute a substantial part of the diet in many African countries and are considered an important means of preserving and introducing variety into the diet, which often consists of staple foods such as milk, cassava, fish and cereals. They have a role in social functions such as marriage, naming and ring making ceremonies where they are served as inebriating drinks and weaning foods. (38,39) Various forms of activated oxygen which include free radicals such as superoxide anion radicals (O2-), hydroxyl radicals (OH) and non-free radical species such as H2O2 and singled oxygen (O2) has been reported that these can cause oxidative injury to living organisms and thus play an important role in many life style-related diseases such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, emphysema and cancer. (40,41) A variety of microorganisms, including fungi, yeasts and bacteria may be used in SSF processes (Table 4). Therefore, solid state fermentation and their effect on the formation of value added product by this process are reviewed and

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