Greek Achievements

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During the first millennium B.C., areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, from Europe to Africa and to the Middle East, a huge part of human history took place. Empires rose, others fell, religions were created, technological advances were accomplished, trade and commerce reached new heights and great achievements in the arts were realized. Two civilizations that lived in this area stood out for their rise in every field known to the ancient world. The Greeks, rising from antiquity with colonization all around the Mediterranean and the peak of Hellenism, which came from Alexander the Great’s, conquering of the known world and spreading the Greeks’ culture and art far and wide. The Roman Empire also stood out as one of the greatest civilizations in history by conquering most of Europe and Asia Minor and accomplishing incredible human feats and artistic accomplishments. The Greeks…show more content…
It had conquered most of the Mediterranean world and enjoyed a long span of relative peace known as Pax Romana. There were many great achievements accomplished during this time. I chose the marble statue of a youthful Hercules created by the Romans during the Flavian period of Imperial Rome 68-98 A.D. to represent Imperial Rome. This piece was chosen because it shows the contrapposto in a bit more exaggerated form. As you can see in this sculpture, it has great symmetry and shows off Hercules in a more youthful and less muscular form contrary to other sculptures showing him a lot bigger, muscular and older. He is seen holding a club in one arm while the other carrying the carcass of the Nemean Lion which was a mythical lion slain by Hercules as one of his 12 labors he was assigned to accomplish. The size of the sculpture is a lot bigger than a normal human portraying Hercules demi god status and symbolizing that he isn’t just man. This was used to decorate the public baths of Rome located near the

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