Hellenistic Achievements

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The Hellenistic Period is the era that transpire after the passing of Alexander the Great. During this time, Greek culture expanded toward the Near East and fused together with its culture. Throughout this period, there were many cultural achievements that were made in literature, art, science and philosophy. These achievements that took place in the Hellenistic world created many advances in literature, art, science and philosophy. The cities where they were most prominent were Alexandria(Egypt) and Pergamum. Alexandria became the starting place for many different intellectuals such as poets, writers, philosophers and scientist. It had a famous library that fascinated many academics, authors and poets to this city. One of the achievements…show more content…
During this era, "the use of the more ornate Corinthian order" was used for the construction of the temples (Spielvogel 103). The rich people and kings began purchasing sculptures and using them. These sculptures capture a more realistic and emotional feel, it represented actual people and focus more on the female nude. Some of the achievements in science that occurred during the Hellenistic period were astronomy, math, and medicine. There were two well known Alexandrian scholars that carried on the study of astronomy. Aristarchus of Samos, who created the "heliocentric view of the universe" (Spielvogel 104). He disputed that the sun was the center and earth rotated around its own axis. The other scholar, Eratosthenes, who concluded that the earth was round and estimated the earth's circumference. A famous scientist known for the achievement in math was Archimedes. According to the text, he is well-known for his work on the geometry of spheres and cylinders, the discovery of the connection between the surface and volume of a cylinder and the creation of a hydrostatic principle. This was a devise that is used to pump water out of mines known as Archimedes

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